Star Wars: Legión

Star Wars: Legión

Get ahead of 2018, come to GAME ON and try out Star Wars ™: Legion before anyone else.

Become an infantry commander and head to the battlefront in Star Wars ™: Legion, the year’s most anticipated miniature game. The Empire and the Rebellion are confronted once more and it is up to you to restore freedom to the galaxy or, on the contrary, to plunge it into a new period of terror and darkness.

At GAME ON you will be able to discover in exclusivity Star Wars ™: Legion, a game that includes 33 highly detailed miniatures as well as all the cards, markers, terrain tiles and templates that you need to enter the stellar war and claim the victory for the light side or the reversed dark side of The Force.

Before starting the game you need to choose the heroes, villains, vehicles and squads of soldiers that are under your command. These form the base of your army and through each round you will give orders to your troops in order to try and gain advantage. It does not matter if your unit is a squad of assault soldiers or a rebellious AT-RT, each unit can do two actions to move around the battlefield, attack, aim carefully, avoid enemy fire, recover or stand by.

The movement in Star Wars ™: Legion is fast and fluid as you maneuver your troops across the battlefield with movement templates. Unlike other miniature games, you do not have to be measuring the movement of each miniature in the unit. Once you have measured the movement of the leader of the unit, you take the rest of the members and put them in cohesion with the leader.

The basic box gives you everything you need for your first battles, but yo will have more options with expansions. You can choose an army that has numerical superiority in soldiers, or you can focus on the firepower of vehicles; also, it does not matter if you plan to play a small scale skirmish or a huge battle between dozens of units, Star Wars ™: Legion will allow you to build an army that suits your way of playing.

The customization options do not stop here. Each unit of Star Wars ™: Legion can be customized with upgrades cards, depending on your preferences and playing style. You can upgrade Darth Vader with the ability to flip his lightsaber, add heavy weapon skills to your soldier units, or add long distance communication equipment to your 74-Z motorcycles.

Get ahead of 2018, come to GAME ON and try out Star Wars ™: Legion before anyone else.

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