El Monaguillo, Ambassador of Game On

El Monaguillo, Ambassador of Game On

Humorist, presenter, broadcaster, comedian and..a player. This is Sergio Fernandez, better known by the audience as `El Monaguillo´ and a passionate of tabletop games, although lately he is more into LCG. Only he could offer support to an event like GAME ON, so we will enjoy his presence during the event – as long as we are able to take him away from the tables of The Legend of the Five Rings, the game that he is actually addicted to.

“It was four years ago. I was acting in Barcelona and had the afternoon off, so I was told that there were several games stores around the Arc de Triomf and I decided to stop by. It caught my attention to see a lot of people there playing. Not only the ones that I now call my friends, the ´game geeks´ – as we call them, but also families. I think the first game I played was The Island, from there I began, trying new ones and before realizing it, I just had a lot of games at home.

It was in this way, which probably sounds familiar to many fans, that El Monaguillo describes his beginnings into the world of the tabletop games.


He has one great passion: the games and he likes to show them off through his social networks. From exposing his extensive games library, rising fascination and envy equally among his followers, to leaving graphic testimonies of his games with friends and not to forget about of his latest great interests: Star Wars: Destiny. “Between the TV, radio, theater … the only thing left would be to start working during weekends at a pharmacy. I do not have much time so because of that right now it’s easier for me to get busy with my Destiny box of cubes and my archives. Although I recognize that I am have become addicted to “The Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game” too.


As a pro player he is , `El Monaguillo´  knows all the tricks to get the most out of his favorite games, so for example , he has the complete collection of Destiny duplicated in order to be able to  play with all his favorite Star Wars characters at the same time. This is also the case with The Legend of the Five Rings, as he has already three boxes repeated so that he can have three equal cards on his deck. All the participants in the GAME ON Tournaments should pay attention because he will be a strong competitor.


He admits that he felt into the temptation of the LCG in general and The Legend of the Five Rings in particular due to the high expectations surrounding the games: “The campaign was really good; it directly caught my attention. It has amazing art, with a great atmosphere: a world drawn from the Japanese feudal era. It’s a bit more complicated than Destiny but I’ve encouraged myself, I’ve accepted the challenge and if I see that I can face it I’ll go on it with it. But I did not want to miss the experience of trying it. ”


At GAME ON you will be able to see and try out many of the most anticipated games of 2018, like Breaking Bad or Twilight Imperium. But El Monaguillo confesses that “I like to buy games, too many, especially those that are being created by Spanish authors. So I still have a lot of games to try and that’s why I prefer not to be very aware of the news.“ What he has been able to test is one of the latest innovations incorporated into the world of games: the app. Specifically the Mansion of Madness: Second Edition. “I like the app; people do not want the human side of tabletop games to be replaced with machines, but in short time, it will be indispensable. Also, it will increase the possibilities within a game and for this the game itself will grow. ”


This is our ambassador, Sergio Fernandez “El Monaguillo”, who will accompany us at GAME ON. `Remember that we’ll be waiting for you at `La Nave Boetticher´ starting on December 1st until the 3rd .You can now get your three day pass or your one day ticket here before it runs out. We´re waiting for you!´

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