Game On will accommodate the first Kotei in Europe

Game On will accommodate the first Kotei in Europe

It’s official! The first official Kotei in Europe for The Legend of the Five Rings: The card game will be held on December 2nd and 3rd during GAME ON.

What is a Kotei?

A Kotei is a tournament, but a very special kind of tournament. It is composed of several phases and is played in a format of tournaments that are held simultaneously. During two days several eliminatory phases will take place, until there is a winner. Falling competitors may still participate, however, in alternative tournaments that are held at the same time, such as the Escaramuzas and the Test Fields.

This Kotei, the first to be performed in Europe, is a new battle belonging to the Toshi Ranbo organized game season of The Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game. The participants at this great event will receive great prizes throughout both, the main tournament and the parallel contests. An exclusive Kotei mat for all the players passing through exclusive cards with extended art, commemorative pins , wooden initiative tokens … The first classifiers will become holders of one of the places available  for the World Championship of the Winter court and will be named new Hatamotos for the clans.

Who can participate?

Get your card set of The Legend of the Five Rings: The card game and be part of the future of this game by participating in this historic event, a battle belonging to the Season Toshi Ranbo that you cannot miss without questioning your honor as warrior of Rokugán. Get ready to get the Imperial Favor for your Clan. Sharpen your sword, polish your frame and look for your allies because the Chrysanthemum Throne has reconvened again.

Fight for your honor and the one of your clan, because in this first European Kotei the Clans earn points for each member that participates and aspire to be rewarded by the value and the contribution of each one of them. The Legend of the Five Rings: The card game has loyal communities of followers around the world that are organized into players’ clans driven by the goal of sharing and enjoying their passion for a game that undoubtedly catches anyone who enter into it.

Get ready because the beginning of a new era is near. Get a place and live in first person the experience of participating in this first official Kotei in Europe from The Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game. Only at GAME ON – the International Games Convention in Madrid.

See you there!

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