Melisa Tuya, the autism and boardgames

Melisa Tuya, the autism and boardgames

GAME ON is pleased to announce the presence of the journalist Melisa Tuya as a special guest of the event. Melisa is a writer, and has published three books: Galatea, Mastiff and having a child with autism in which she recounts her experience as the mother of Jaime, a child diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Following this diagnosis, she began to address in her blog, Recent Mother, different aspects related to autism. This is the germ of a story in which Melisa shows how tabletop games can help children with ASD to work on certain skills.

Melisa Tuya is undoubtedly a committed woman. A part of the profits that she obtained from the sale of his first novel, Galatea, went to animal protection associations, another one of the causes that she more fervently defends. So much that she proposed to the management of the newspaper 20 Minutos to start a blog about it and her proposal was accepted with the condition that she would also begin writing about his recent maternity. Throughout these more than eight years that have passed since her son Jaime was diagnosed with autism, Melisa’s blog has become a national reference for many families in the same situation.

In her report, Melisa tells how board games allow teachers and therapists to work simultaneously with children who have autism along with others who do not. Simply respecting game shifts or moving the chip on a board already involves interaction with other players, and moreover at games where it is necessary to negotiate or put together strategies with other players to defeat a third party.

The establishment of rigid rules that have to be respected and do not vary can be a very positive starting point for a child with TEA to feel comfortable playing tabletop or role play games! The role allows a great freedom of movement that facilitates the adaptation of the game to the child and not vice versa, as usual.

We will have the opportunity to talk about all these issues with Melisa Tuya in a talk addressed to parents, teachers and anyone who wants to know in depth the benefits that tabletop games can have, because of their adaptability, for an autistic person. The talk will take place in the auditorium of GAME ON. The date and time will be confirmed in the coming weeks.

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