Close your eyes and get ready to dream. At GAME ON we want you to remember your visit for the rest of your life and for that, what better way than dreaming?` When I dream´ is a card game in which one of the participants, the Dreamer, must guess as many words as he can in the course of a night. At dawn the turn will pass to the next player, who then becomes a Dreamer for as long as the time marked by the hourglass is not consumed.

From Friday to Sunday you will be able to try at GAME ON `When I dream´ and immerse yourself in its beautiful universe. But, beware, because like it happens in every story this dream can become a nightmare. The rest of the players are the ones who should give clues to the Dreamer so that he can guess as many words as possible on his turn … or not. The bogeyman hides among the other players and tries to confuse you and make you do mistakes.

Join a game of `When I Dream´ at GAME ON. Open from 4 to 10 players, it is a perfect party game that will surely become one of the essential games of your toys´ library. Suitable for any age, suitable for playing within family and with catchy illustrations that try to help participants discover the words they hide. Come and dream with us this December at GAME ON!

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