Organized Play

For this Game On edition, the Organized Play is very present, offering the celebration of both national and international tournaments.

Compete and enjoy games like Star Wars: X-WING and Star Wars: Destiny in one of the competitions opened to all kind of audiences. Some of the Organized Play competitions, such as the first European Kotei of Legend of the Five Rings: the Cards Game includes parallel tournaments so that even the less experienced players can enjoy intensely.

Others, such as Arkham Horror LCG Organized Play, allow you to share the gaming experience regardless of the pressure of competition.

Even for the youngest there is an Organized Play, the X-WING Pilot School designed for young players under 14 years.

So, as you can see, there is a type of Organized Play competition designed for each type of player, what will be yours?

Obtain now your entry* by filling in the form you can find by scrolling down this page. As you can see, the tickets to Organized Play activities include access to Game On.

For the competitions that include the 3 days pass you also receive a game as a gift when buying your ticket, which you will be able to pick up once you access the venue.

If you want to attend several tournaments or buy a one-day access to Arkham Horror or Star Wars: Destiny you can also do so; check the options available in the process of buying the tickets. For any questions or queries, you can contact us here.

*Tickets at sale until full capacity is reached.



Arkham Horror LCG

Experience the Arkham Horror: the card game with the greatest intensity. Participate in a cooperative game with 3 other players and enjoy one of the adventures available in the Fantasy Flight Games on Demand catalog. Rougarou’s curse and the Carnevale of Horrors are waiting for you so prepare your deck, your tokens and your chaos tokens for the game. Just by participating in the activity you will be able to walk out with exclusive material and an experience full of mystery and fun.

When? Friday, 1st of December, 17.30 – 20.30
Capacity: 80 players
Price: 45€, includes the 3 days pass, or 20 € with 1 day access


Star Wars Destiny
A tournament with surprising prizes will be played. More information coming soon.
When? Sunday, 3rd of December, 11.00 am- 14.00 pm
Capacity: 100 players


Legend of the Five Rings

GAME ON hosts the first European KOTEI, a new battle belonging to the Season of Organized Play Toshi Ranbo. Just by participating you will receive an exclusive rug of the event in addition to other prizes that you can get, such as a commemorative pin, letters with extended art, wooden tokens … The top rated players can obtain a place at the World Championship of the Winter Court and will be named new Hatamotos of the clans.

When?  From the Saturday, 2nd of December, at 11.00 am until Sunday 3rd of December until 12.00pm
Capacity: 300 players
Price: 45€ (includes the 3 days pass)


X Wing National Tournament

The National Championship Star Wars X-Wing 2017: The miniature game lands at GAME ON. With substantial prizes like the one that the top player will obtain: a trophy and the title of ¨Champion of Spain´, an entry for the World Championship with bye in the first round, and the possibility of air travel and lodging in a hotel in Roseville, Minnesota , U.S. In addition, all participants will receive a present from the organization.

The entry includes a 3-days access to the event, a gift game and food tickets for both days of the tournament. In addition, all registered players who have not attended the qualifiers may participate in the Hangar Bay that will be held on Sunday.

When? Saturday, 2nd of December, from 9am until end of the tournament (next day)
Capacity: 450 players
Price: 50 € (includes a 3 days pass and food tickets)


X Wing Pilots School

The little ones also have their own Organized Play at GAME ON. It is never too early for the Call of the Force, so children under 14 will spend the afternoon learning to play X-Wing. They will also be able to visit the tournaments that simultaneously will be taking place so that they can get to experience in person the roar of the competition. An unrepeatable experience in which only by participating, the children will return home with a gift and who knows, maybe a victory? In the meanwhile, the adults who accompany them will be able to enjoy the rest of activities that take place at GAME ON.

When?  Saturday, 2nd of December and Sunday, 3rd of December (event schedule)
Capacity: 40 players daily
Price: Saturday and Sunday, 35 € for both days



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